Explore your love of interiors with us

Here at Picturebook Interiors we offer you the opportunity to explore your love of homes and interiors through a practical and interactive evening 8 week design course. Covering all aspects of interior design in a fun and casual atmosphere you will learn the basic principles about the following:

    An introduction to style

    What is your style, what are the various styles, how to carry a particular style throughout your home or mesh styles together.

    Colour/Effects of Colour

    Colour effects how we think/feel and react and it also changes the way we look at space - its size, shape and appearance.

    Colour Schemes

    Creating colour palettes that complement, contrast and accent. Playing with the way colours sit together and the ideal placement of various schemes.

    Using Pattern & Texture

    Looking at how pattern and texture creates interest and a point of difference – the way we use contrast to balance monotony while still maintaining links in ideas.


    Lighting options, the placement and scale of lighting. Lighting spaces for various purposes, bulb colour, how lighting effects colour.


    Multiple flooring product options, placement and purpose of various flooring products, wear, combining products for a seamless or varied look.

    Window Treatments

    Browsing through an extensive collection of beautiful current fabrics. Product information about styles, makes, look and positioning of individual windows/window combinations.


    Furniture that combines comfort, purpose and style. Fabrics for furniture – existing and custom built. Using furniture to create interest and positioning to enhance space.

These courses are run as demand requires. Keep an eye out on our website for date schedules or make an enquiry today:


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