Explore your love of interior design with us

Here at Picturebook Interiors we offer you the opportunity to explore your love of homes, interiors and design through a series of educational, practical and interactive daytime workshops.

We will be covering all of the basic elements and principles of interior design in an informative, fun and casual atmosphere. The class numbers will be small and cater for one on one learning and individual project opportunities.

These workshops are ideal for anyone who is building, renovating or just loves design.

Watch out on our 'News' page updates for the next workshop outline.

All workshops are $120 and will be held at our 12 Wesley St studio and will run from 10-2pm (unless otherwise stated).

    All Things Colour

    Friday 23rd February - Learn what goes into colour design to select an effective palette for your own space.

    What's Your Style

    Friday 16 March - Develop your own style by combining various era's and trends for maximum visual appeal.

    Know Your Space

    Friday 27th April - Grasp the use of proportion, perspective and scale to achieve a successful design for a space of any size.

    Shape Up

    Friday 25th May  - Utilize shape, form and line effectively to create cohesion within your interior.

    The Feel Of It

    Friday 29th June - Combine a variety of textures within your furnishings to stimulate all the senses. 

    A balancing Act

    Friday 27th July - Discover how to harmonize the various elements of design, for an aesthetically pleasing result.

    Make A statement

    Friday 31st August - Explore the best ways to create an impact and set the tone using pattern, emphasis and contrast.

    Let There Be Light

    Friday 28th September - Become lighting efficient and create a harmonious space using natural and artificial light.

The workshops run in October (Friday 26th) and November (Friday 30th) will be for the people who have attended multiple workshops and will be a culmination and extension of the years learning.


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