Where do you sit?

Minimalist and Maximalist are interiors styles of complete opposites. On one side of the spectrum, you have neutral colours, clean lines and simplicity - this describes the Minimalist look. On the other end, sits Maximalist interiors. These are characterised by an eccentric and fearless mix of colours, patterns and textures. 

A great example of a Maximalist interior would be Dita Von Teese’s LA home. It is bursting at the seams with bright colours, clashing textures and… taxidermy (see image to the left)!

Moving down the scale is this bedroom (see below) by interior designer Kelly Wrestler. Although the play on form is quite adventurous, it is toned down by the calmer colour palette.

Edging into Minimalism now... Is this ‘scandi’ inspired kitchen by Australian company Breathe Architecture. There is a slight contrast of colours, and a varying selection of textures but overall it has a more calming and simplistic feel than the first two examples.

Last of all we find ourselves at the extreme end of Minimalism. This NYC apartment, at the time owned by Kanye West, has gone as far as to remove all doors from the space to make it as open and free flowing as possible. The entire residence has been stripped to the bare necessities.

So where do you sit? Do you prefer simplicity or busyness? … Or perhaps you are still on the fence, waiting to discover a style that is truly personal to you. 

If you would like guidance towards creating your perfect space - whether minimal, maximal or somewhere in between - then book a consultation with us today, or contact us for more information.

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