Shapes, sizes and inspiration.

With this piece, we hope to inspire you and encourage your creativity with the possibilities of this versatile material… Because tiles are so functional and yet so beautiful. They have the power to add texture, pattern and colour in one go - almost like art.

Some background information…

Tiles date back to approximately 4000 BC and were historically a sign of wealth and power. For this reason, they were mainly found in palaces, mosques and holy shrines. 

Seven thousand years ago, our ancestors were already using them as decorative flooring in churches, and ornamental detail within tabletops. Tiles are one of the oldest forms of art, yet still have the ability to transform our spaces today into any of our tastes - whether you prefer sleek and modern, or colourful and retro.

In the present...

These days they are most often found in the bathroom, which is of course logical - they are water resistant, easy to clean, and incredibly effective at adding decorative elements into a space. 

Here are some beautiful bathroom tile examples:

Images courtesy of Yellow Cloud Studio, Homes To Love and Turner Pocock Studio.

But this material should not be limited within the lavatory… Tiles are almost like shapeshifters. Although all based around the same concept (smaller pieces assembled together with grout, creating a large covering), they can be found in dramatically different shapes, configurations and finishes. Below are some less common examples of the options out there:

Images courtesy of Microsoft, Brook Studio and Fireclay Tile.

Over the years tiles have been made out of a variety of materials. Traditionally they were ceramic (which came glazed for interiors and unglazed for roofing), or porcelain, which was the more expensive clay alternative.

These days however, the market offers many material alternatives to create the desired effect in your space. Recently, our favourite has been cork due to its beauty yet functionality for homes with small families. Take a look below at some of the less traditional tile usages:

Images courtesy of The Design Walker, TLC Interiors and Mosaic Factory.

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