How to inject some colour

The sun has began to shine a little longer, and a little warmer… Cue the long summer nights, barbecues with family and friends, and that glorious coffee outside in the stillness of the early morning. We love those moments in the garden, but it does mean that we begin to notice the neglect from the long cold winter.

If you are a green-fingered being, then your garden will be a space of serenity and life. It will certainly flourish beautifully in the coming weeks and become a gorgeous rainbow of colours and flowers… But if you are not, then we have some tips to pull the attention away from the weeds and inject pops of colour in different ways…

Outdoor lights

There are many options for garden lights. Simply wrapping some IP rated (meaning certified for outdoor use) fairy lights around a tree can instantly elevate the garden to create a magical and atmospheric feel. This article however, is all about colour… So step it up a notch and track down some multi-coloured lanterns!

Image courtesy of Desert Cart. 

Colourful tableware

The great thing about colourful tableware is that it does not only have to be used outdoors in the summer - you can use it all year round. Aside from that, switching out the typical white plate for something with a little more life and personality will in itself bring sunshine to the table. If storage is an issue, find some serving dishes and fun napkins instead - they will give the same affect but without the large storage requirement.

Image courtesy of Royal Doulton.

Cushions on existing garden furniture

This is perhaps one of the easiest options from the list. If luck has it, you may already have some colourful cushions lying around which can be used. If not, it can be as simple as finding some covers to go over existing cushions which can be taken outdoors for the summer months. Then they can be brought back in to be swapped with wintery designs when it begins to get cold again. 

Image courtesy of The Times. 

The Furniture

Understandably, replacing garden furniture is a big job and not something we do very often. Although if you are looking for some new pieces, then perhaps it is time to consider ones with colour over the usual greys and beiges. 

There may be the worry that the colour will fade in the sun, but we suggest using that to your advantage and after a few years, giving it a spray paint to change the colour completely. Alternatively, you could find some weatherproof protector. 

Image courtesy of The Times.

Front image: 'Ironridge Northwest' by Carolee Clark.

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