Tree alternatives for the eco-concious

Christmas day is not long away now and time is coming to put that tree up and decorate the home. If you are on the market for a new tree or just some new inspiration, then these sustainable and unique Christmas tree options below will be just what you are after. 

With these ideas, we want to encourage out-of-the-box thinking, therefore if you have been inspired by these special (and some slightly weird and wonderful) suggestions, we would love to see what you have done! Tag us in the photo of your new tree on Facebook so we can share your wonderful creations.

1) Book Tree

This one is incredibly sustainable as it does not require you to buy any new items. Just gather up some books and begin by lying them in a circle on the floor. Then work up from there, filling the gaps at the next layer until you have created a triangle. Finish off with some warm coloured fairy lights and a ‘tree topper’ of choice… Just be careful not to accidentally knock it down!

Image courtesy of Live Kindly.

2) Minimalist Tree

Perfectly suited for anyone lacking the space to put a traditional tree in, this simple idea can be made at home with some locally sourced driftwood, or bought online. It can be used year after year and there is the freedom to decorate it differently by painting it or adding more branches as the years go on. 

Image courtesy of Woman’s Own.

3) Metal Tree

A feature such as this is great as adding some lights and decorations will instantly turn it into a Christmas Tree. It can then be used for the remaining eleven months of the year as an ornament by simply removing the decorations, making it very eco-friendly. If you wanted to make it extra christmassy, grab a can of gold spray paint to up the festive sparkle.

Image courtesy of John Lewis.

4) Scandi Tree

Another easy option to make yourself at home, this tree just requires any wood found in sheet material, and some sawing and sanding tools (or a good rapport with the local handyman). Within a couple of hours you have yourself a self-supporting tree which can either be left as it is to emulate a Scandinavian style, or decorated with paints by the kids. 

Image courtesy of Elle Decoration.

5) Paper Tree

Technically paper is made from trees, but this tree turns that stereotype onto its head! Once the festivities are over, the entire tree can be recycled very easily, or re-used as arts and crafts supplies for children. Although it may only last one year, the materials will not go to waste meaning it deserves a spot on our sustainable trees list.

Image courtesy of Home Edit.

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