Adopting Feng Shui will give you a resolution that you will want to keep!

With the new year, comes new years resolutions. This tends to be attached with the stereotype of gym memberships which are used for a month, or a new diet which starts off strict… and by the end of January, only just about applies to Mondays! 

But new years resolutions do not have to be that way. Maybe this year it is time to break the pattern and go for something beyond yourself… Like the home. 

We are constantly told that exercise improves mental health, and a healthy diet affects our mood, sleep, libido etc. However, what we are not told enough is that the home can have a profound influence on these things too. 

Ultimately, the perfect home is one which suits the individuals living in it.

Everyone has different tastes, meaning there is no one size (or style) fits all. Having said that, below you will find some general guidelines and philosophies which may help to improve the atmosphere of your home… and therefore your personal equilibrium too.

Feng Shui

Originating from ancient China, Feng Shui is a traditional practise based on pseudoscience that involves architecture and elemental focuses. 

In present day, the western-world interpretation of this deeply historic concept is most widely understood as: 

Using energy in your home and surrounding spaces to balance and harmonise your life.

Adopting elements of Feng Shui is a great way to get the most out of your home, as it has the power to enhance the living space, without risking the loss of your personality from it… This means that whether you are a maximalist or antique collector or ceramics fanatic, Feng Shui can be adopted, without forsaking your decorative flair (examples below). 


Images courtesy of Decoomo and Living etc 

Here are a few principles to get started with:

    • Key items in the home should be positioned facing the door, but not directly inline with it. Key items could include the bed, work desk or stove.
    • Remove obstacles from routes of high frequency like bedroom to bathroom, or the entryway. This allows the home to flow comfortably.
    • Keep under the bed empty. Allow the energy to flow freely as you sleep; this is seen as more restorative and heeling.

Image courtesy of Mind Body Green

Feng Shui is an easier resolution to keep than a full athletic lifestyle overhaul, or radical diet change, because it can be done bit by bit. There are many more principles to it than mentioned in this article, and they do not all need to be done at once. Play around with them, be open minded to some of them working for your home and others not. Allowing yourself the flexibility and experimentation to find what is right for you, will give you an improved home that extends well beyond the next twelve months.

Image courtesy of Amy Bartlam

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