Five pieces inspired by the movement which loves to shock!

What is Memphis design?

It is outrageous, colourful, clashing, rule-breaking design… Originating from the 1980s, Memphis was a design collective from Italy. At the time, with design mainly following function over form, this movement was a reaction to the ‘good taste’ of structure and lines from the mid-century modern interior fashions. 

Although the pieces are largely out of production now, there is a large market for 80s Memphis originals. This image shows the living room of a private collector from Tennessee…

Photographer: Dennis Zanone.

Well known endorsements 

Famous names including Sophia Coppola, and the late David Bowie and Karl Lagerfeld were well known fans of this style. These photos were taken in Lagerfeld’s Monaco apartment in 1984:


Photographer: Jacques Schumacher

Bring it home

Below, we have selected some Memphis inspired pieces which could become the building blocks to a larger collection. 

Understandably, not all of us have the space to embrace a Memphis interior to such extents seen above, nor may you want to have everything in the home make such a large statement… therefore the items we have found contain a gentler approach. They are easy additions to make within the existing personality of the home…

Blok shelf, Darkroom.                                       Dog bed, Dusen Dusen. 


(In order) Taylor, Avenue and Parkway Vases, Casual & Country.


Teaset, Etsy.                                                      Soap dish, Superette.


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