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Documentaries about Art and Design

We have all been there… Sitting down for a cosy film with loved ones on a Sunday evening, and taking longer to agree on a choice than it would take to watch the film!

Well, we are helping to take out the guessing work with these five documentaries about art and design. There is something for everyone: for the fashionistas, to the product designers, to the binge watchers. 

Now all that is left to do is decide which one to watch first!


Rams, 2018.

This film looks at Braun’s chief designer of thirty years, Dieter Rams. An insightful watch, particularly his self-reflection and thoughts about contributing to the growth of overconsumption.


Abstract: The Art of Design, 2019.

Each episode in this Netflix original series dives deep into the work of a notable designer - with engaging interviews, and a well chosen line-up. Be prepared to discover your new favourite creatives.



The First Monday in May, 2016.

This documentary looks at the process of the 2015 Met Gala - an annual multimillion dollar fundraiser for New York’s Metropolitan of Art Costume Institute - which opened the exhibition China: Through the Looking Glass. Alongside the preparations, guests discuss the notion of fashion as art.


Minimalism, 2015.

A great introduction to minimalism and its ideals. This documentary reveals how minimalism looks different for different people, and (spoiler alert!) good design is ultimately the best form of minimalism and sustainability.


Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, 2019.

Perhaps almost leaning towards reality TV, this series follows the face of Japanese organising Marie Kondo around America to help people declutter and find joy in their homes again. Although primarily focused on the visiting families, there are some great tips in each episode that we can all try at home.

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